Product Concept

Can be used comfortably at overseas bases

The mcframe GA is developed with the aim of being a compact ERP so that it can be installed at the lowest possible cost and operate with a low load. Multilingual function that can be used in various languages, different currencies, multi-currency function that performs automatic conversion processing from input currency to base currency, ledger for different purposes such as local/Japanese or general/management accounting It is fully equipped with the functions required for overseas use, such as the multi-criteria management function that supports multiple functions.

Supports not only accounting operations but also sales/purchasing/inventory management

The mcframe GA has not only accounting management but also sales management, purchasing management, and inventory management functions, and can be used as a system that integrates all business information. In A.S.I.A GP, information on accepting and ordering is linked to bond and debt information and finally recorded as journal data, so accurate accounts receivable/payable even at overseas bases where credit and debt management has not been successful until now. You can check the balance and the settlement status in multiple currencies. Of course, you can also use the existing system to use the mcframe GA as an accounting system for overseas bases. (We also have successfully introduced that cooperation with the AS400 sales and purchase module, which we receive many inquiries.)


The mcframe GA is equipped with various functions that are effective for dealing with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and internal control, and is effective for IFRS compliance of overseas subsidiaries in Europe and Asia and for establishing governance of overseas bases that are difficult to control from Japan.

The mcframe GA Feature

Use in multiple languages

The mcframe GA supports various languages around the world. It can be used by switching to multiple languages in one system. Not only the screen display, but also the date and time format can be changed and reports can be multilingual and multicultural.

Multi-standard accounting data management

Equipped with a function to individually manage/aggregate journals for different purposes. Up to 5 types of reclassified data for different purposes such as local accounting, IFRS, and consolidation can be managed and output, and this function can be applied to retroactive adjustments of previous years.

Multi-currency processing

The mcframe GA is able to manage currencies around the world without restriction, and it is possible to understand exchange gains and losses resulting from transactions denominated in foreign currencies. In addition, it can manage rate information by rate type and by date and manage 10 types of rate types and conversion rates on a daily basis for each exchange.

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