AGHRM's human resources management solution is designed to be easy to use.
AGHRM's human resources management solution suite accelerates your business.

・Human resources management
* Automatic payroll calculation
* Information management utilizing the web and mobiles by employees' themselves
・Support for issuing payroll statements to multiple countries
・Human Resource Management – List of internal personnel and manage education training


Human Resource Management

・Multiple companies can be set up
・Employee information database management
・Vacation management
・Various expense claim management
・Human resource management event notification function
・Corresponding company-wide audit report
・Reporting function for administrator
・Employee transfer information application form and workflow function
・Reservation of facilities such as conference rooms and tracking of usage

Payroll issuance management

・Supports 5 countries Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, (Preparing for Thailand)
・Compatible with work forms based on cost distribution such as fixed wages and hourly wages
・Supports major bank interfaces and government legal interfaces
・There is a general ledger (GL) linkage interface to major accounting systems
・Integrated management report can be output by payroll consolidation function for each region

Workplace management

・Integration with various attendance management devices including fingerprint authentication and face authentication device with body temperature measurement
・Mobile attendance management using location information and selfie function
・Automation of overtime calculation, bounty and allowance calculation

Employee portal site, mobile app

Employee portal site, mobile app
・Self-update of employee information
・View monthly and annual electronic salary details
・Annual personal income tax filing function
・Various leave applications and approvals
・Various expenses billing and approval

Human resource management

・Preparation for adjustable template according to company's unique request
・Multiple templates for technician evaluation based on purpose, ability and numerical evaluation can be used
・Evaluation can be measured in all evaluation periods
・Evaluate the skills of employees and support the development of education and training request analysis
・Automate individual skill development plan
・Supports three types of educational activities: group education, distance education, and on-the-job education (OJT)