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Activating growth with AGHRM
AGHRM activates growth for our customers by transforming the Human Resources function from administrative support to an active business partner within their organisation.

mcframe GA

Next-generation accounting platform system for overseas expansion companies that integrates all overseas base data
mcframe GA is a global ERP package designed to give Japanese companies strategic tools to expand their businesses globally.

mcframe plus AGHRM

Data linkage function of mcframe GA and AGHRM
mcframe GA is accounting and ERP package, AGHRM is a payroll issue (payroll) function. This cooperation eliminates double input and improves convenience.

Customized System

Any kind of business system you need
• Data linkage with Japan HQ.
• Localization of the system to suite requirements for Singapore and other ASEAN countries.
• Handy and compact system for early-stage company.
• Application system using the latest devices (smart phone, tablet PC etc.)

Core Package

JAST core package for Accounting, Sales/Purchase, Payroll, etc.
• Quick implementation of accounting system after opening the plant/office.
• System adjustment for Singapore business practice.
• Flexible system capable of future expansion.


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