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The SEO countermeasure is to display a high rank in search results of search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

By displaying it in a higher level, it becomes possible for more people to be accessed.

In case of displaying in 1st place and 11th place (top of 2nd page), the number of accesses will differ by more than 20 times. Engineers who are familiar with SEO will take the latest SEO measures, carefully explain the mechanism of SEO to customers, and dramatically increase the customer attraction effect through the customer's website.

The following is SEO measure taken by us as standard.

1. Responsive design

2. Setting keywords on each page

3. Optimization of sentences

4. Optimize page URL

5. Setting up blog function

6. Correct article

7. Create an XML Sitemap

8. Setting up search function

9. Index transmission and ping setting

10. Setting up analysis tools